The Place Where the Muses Dwell
Floor Plan

WALLPAPER, photocopies of photograph(March 1 2017) of interior wall of the British Museum. ② FLOOR PLAN, quick response code on floor. ③ PING FENG, four shoji screens, archival pigment prints of photocopies from photobook China’s Huang Shang. ④ MUSES, table mats from market Kolbenova in Prague, perspex acrylic display cases. ⑤ CAPTIONS, transparencies of screen shot from website Tripadvisor and Zen Oriental Market in lightboxes. ⑥ WATERFALLS #2, text, motion waterfall lightbox with mirror frame. ⑦ VITRINE, 1920s c-case vitrine, borrowed from the Victoria and Albert Museum and shipped from Blythe House to Goldsmiths on July 3 2017.

(Left): History of V&A, South Kensington Museum, Glass Gallery (Gallery 128) looking
west towards Gallery 127

(Right): C-case Vitrine, photo taken at 22th June 2017 in Blythe House of V&A museum

Shipping reciept :