The Land of the Wind,
Between the Shadow-and-Light,
Towards the Blue Water.

Work in Progress

Showed in 181 Storefront, as part of the Cultureland Artist in Residence, Amsterdam

 April 2019

Fotobook DUMMIES Day Publish O

Collaborative Publication Project

Selected Mediums ; Taiwan Convenience Store Printing Machine; Limited Edition ; Fotobook DUMMIES Day selects and edits

Hui-Hsin Chang / Archi Chang / Tzu Ching Lien / Hsu Chiyu / Luke Lim / Wei Hsinyen / Hong YuChen / Han Teng / AUSH / Teikoukei / Eden Lai (W.O.B) / Nai Wen Hsu / Amos Chu / Self Chen / Hao-ting Yang / Shauba Chang / Lin Chiawen / Liu Chao-tze / Lin Junye / Etang Chen / Toxic Weed / YoyYay / Why Z Clan / Diamond Drain Cover / Ni Jui-Hung

44 pages
14.8cm x 21cm
Clip bound
First edition 30 copies
Published by Fotobook DUMMIES Day
Printed at convenient store in Daan District, Taipei, Taiwan May 2018

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Photo by QSG Studio Rotterdam

Sainsbury’s Buddha

Black and white Laser Print ;39.5 x 29.1 cm
Printed in Taipei, Taiwan 


The Place where the Muses Dwell #2 - Wallpaper

Installation, archival injeckt print 91 x 60cm, colored laser prints 29.7 x 42 cm;
980 x 305 cm

Showed in Lewisham Arthouse, I’m not your Dreams or Imaginations, London


Photo by Zhou Junsheng

O, Look at the view! 

Multimedia installation;site specific

Showed in The Orient, DeptfordX Frindge Festival, London


Photo by Zhou Junsheng

The Places Where the Muses Dwell 

Multimedia installation
Floor Plan

Showed in Ben Pimelott Building, Goldsmiths MFA Degree Show, London


Photo by Zhou Junsheng

An Ultimate Guid to Zen Living vol.2 

Photobook, self-published;29.7 x 210cm
Printed in London, Edition: 10


An Ultimate Guid to Zen Living vol.1 

Photobook, self-published;29.7 x 21cm
Printed in London, Edition:10


Absolute Exotic

Installation, injekt archival print on clear film, 2 acrylic mirrored boxes, sound installation, motion waterfall lightbox;site specific  

Showed in St.James Church, Goldsmiths Interim Show, London


Photo by Zhou Junsheng

Water Falls # 01

Motion waterfall lightbox, UV print on glass;   
98cm x 48cm x 7cm

Showed in Deptford Project Space, Rubbish and Romance, London

Tropical Wonderland Travel Agency

Performance, colored print, 29.7 x 21cm, 29.7 x 42 cm;Duration 1:00:00

Showed in Laurie Grove Bath, London


Photo by Lien Tzuching

A Room, A Memoir 關於一個紀念

Mixmedia Installation, White Cube , 187 jars with burned letters , 2 looped single pannel videos displayed in ipad, 8 fluorescent tubes;300 x 300 x 300cm  

Showed in HuaShan 1914, The Dream Hatchers' Diarrhoea, Taipei


Video still :


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